Interactive Freight & Warehousing offers several services to provide you with on-time handling, distribution and delivery of your product.

  • Cross Dock Services
  • Pick-And-Pack Services
  • Sufferance & Bonded Areas

Cross Dock Services

Improve the speed in your supply chain with cross dock and transload services from Interactive Freight & Warehousing. For many years we have prided ourselves in providing efficient and effective cross docking and transloading services at competitive pricing.

Regardless of the inbound and outbound transportation modes, IFW can quickly unload, check and reship your products to their final destinations. Our facilities have the capability to handle trucks, rail and containers full load, LTL, or LCL.

Benefits to you are:

  • Reduced paper from your dock and the associated labor and equipment costs.
  • Improved dock efficiency.
  • Reduced misloads.
  • Improved customer service and increased cube on trailers.

Pick-And-Pack Services

Interactive Freight & Warehousing offers Pick-And-Pack product handling and distribution.

We process orders on behalf of our clients and then ship the orders to their customers. As this is one of our specialties, we do it faster and at less of an expense than our clients can do it themselves.

We provide behind-the-scene services that our clients and their customer’s need, remaining an invisible extension of our clients business. We provide complete pick-and-pack services for merchandise ranging from consumer electronics to coupons, catalogs, apparel, and promotional items.

Sufferance & Bonded Areas

Interactive Freight & Warehousing offers sufferance warehousing space for customs inspections of your shipments prior to storage in our facility, if an inspection is requested by CBSA.

Bonded areas are available for longer term storage of goods so that you can extract from your bonded goods and have them cleared and shipped to your customer as needed. This removes the need to customs clear an entire container and the related costs. You can clear only what you need as the goods are ordered by your customers.